Maui Police Pursue Hot Leads in National Guard Humvee Theft Investigation


GOOD AIR: Artist's rendering of the armored Humvee, stolen from the National Guard Armory earlier this week, as it sped up a hill in north Kihei on Wednesday. Neighbors described the fast-moving scene. (Image by Jeff King, MI Graphic Artist Dude)

Maui Police Department investigators continue to chase hot leads in the case of the armored Humvee stolen from the National Guard Armory north of Kihei earlier this week.

Neighbors in the north Kihei neighborhood above Pi'ilani Highway reported seeing a Humvee painted a dark green, forest-themed camouflage racing up Kaiwahine Street late Wednesday morning.

"Definitely the one we saw in the news reports yesterday," said Joanne Keakau, who lives on Kaiolohia Street and was walking her cat when she saw the suspected vehicle jump over one of those elongated speed humps that no one slows down for. "Going so fast it got air! Don't see that much around here."

Investigators had an artist digitally recreate the image (See above), as described by neighbors, to release to the public with hopes of getting assistance in locating the vehicle and solving the crime.

Later Wednesday, Maui police received tips that the stolen Humvee had been painted orange, to resemble one of the many rubber safety cones all over the island.

"We kind of suspected either the suspects would paint it white or grey and pretend it was a Tacoma, Tundra, or Tacundra; or paint it orange to blend in with all those cones everywhere," said Sgt. Joe McGillicuddy, a detective with Maui Police Department and part of a team looking into the stolen Humvee.

The Maui Police Department seeks the public's assistance in the investigation of the theft, which occurred at Armory sometime between 6 p.m. Monday and 5:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The M1165A1 type Humvee is described as camouflaged in color, with E-09 painted on the front bumper.

Anyone with information is urged to contact MPD at (808) 244-6400.

To remain anonymous but still help, please call Maui Crime Stoppers at (808) 242-6966.

Meanwhile, some National Guard reserves expressed frustration at the loss of their only armored vehicle on island.

"We're a little nervous that if China or Russia invades the island, we might not be able to get around," said Cpl. Devin Wood, of Haiku. "We had to take Maui Bus into our shifts today. We feel kind of cooped up at the Armory, without ol' Betsy around for a getaway if needed. Or for an ABC Store run."

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